Why GFE Escorts Will Save You Money In The Long Run

Saving money and escorts do not sound like they come hand-in-hand, but they are much more related than most people may think.

First of all, people think that paying a few hundred bucks or even thousands of dollars just for an hour or a few hours with an escort is expensive. That is not true. A girlfriend who knows you are rich will gold dig you much more than an escort can ever possibly hope to charge their customers. Bad girlfriends are essentially long term deadweight escorts without the freedom and with tons of emotional hassles. They will drag you to places you do not want to go and make you do things you have no interest in doing whatsoever and make you spend a ton of money. Most people think that an escort is expensive because you pay her every time you meet her for every hour of engagement. However, most men probably pay their girlfriends much more indirectly through gifts, luxury handbags, travels, and many other things. If you truly sat down and thought about it, you will soon realize that GFE escorts are a good once-in-a-while financial alternative unless you are absolutely ready to date to get married and settle down. Otherwise, if you are not interested in marrying your girl, do yourself a favor and simply choose GFE escorts instead.

Second of all, if you are already attached and you tried to get together with another girl, chances are, the girl will make you divorce your wife and be with her. Not only does this mean that half your assets will be gone – because you are the one who’s cheating, your new wife may also spend even more of your money. On the other hand, escorts are just a strictly temporary and private girlfriend, and will leave once you have paid them. It is truly hassle free and no strings attached. (Please note we strictly do not recommend or condone any such cheating behaviors if you are already attached. This is just what has happened before in the industry and we are stating history.)

Third of all, girls these days like to play dating games. They like to play games in which they want you to woo them, as they like the thrill of being wooed. As successful men, we do not have time to play such games. We could not care less about these romantic needs. It is a waste of time. Each hour of our lives has to be productive and make more money. When it comes to an escort, you get the guaranteed romantic girlfriend experience today without needing to go through needless dating hoops to try to date a girl. The extra hours you have saved playing unnecessary dating games can then be put to make even more money instead of wasting time with these stupid dating mind games. Many American girls like to play the ‘hard to get’ game. That is a complete waste of time for successful men, who have much better things to do than just wooing a woman. Perhaps these are games which are fun to average, ordinary men, but certainly not to the successful and wealthy high rollers in society.