Warning: Read This Before You Find An Escort In Las Vegas

Before you find an escort in Vegas, there are lots of things which are legal, and lots which are illegal. Sometimes, you may get very confused, especially because there is a lot of fake information out there in the deep, dark recesses of the Internet by ignorant people.

First of all, female escorts are perfectly legal to engage in Las Vegas as long as they are legally allowed to work in Las Vegas. Although being an American does not automatically qualify a woman to be a legal escort, being a foreigner in Vegas almost always means that the person is working as an illegal alien in America. Contrary to popular belief, many escorts are not busted for prostitution (which by the way is illegal in Vegas). In fact, many of them are busted because they are not even allowed to work in America! They are simply tourists who are working and looking to make big bucks, but they do not have the right work passes or permits to do so. If they get busted, you as a customer gets questioned too. Why spoil the mood? Only engage locals.

Second of all, the legal age to be an escort is 18. Although it may vary in different countries or states, it is 18 in the state of Nevada. Therefore, in the unlikely event you actually bump into an escort who is younger than 18, RUN! She is working illegally and may implicate you as well.

Third of all, prostitution is highly illegal in Las Vegas. It is legal in certain parts of Nevada, but is 100% illegal in Las Vegas. This means that solicitation of it, or any form of it is illegal. Please note and do not engage in such behaviors or you will get into serious trouble with the law enforcement in Vegas.

Next of all, do not pay the full amount to any dodgy website or ‘escort’. You should always aim to pay in cash to the escort when she turns up so as to prevent transferring money to an unknown entity who may or may not steal your money. However, there is one exception. Escorts will verify your identity, and usually do this by checking your name against your room number at your place of residence. However, if you are staying in a Airbnb or otherwise do not have details to verify your identity against, you will either be rejected or be asked to place a safety deposit. This is normal. This is similar to how banks will need your house address, billing details e.t.c. to open an account with them. This is just standard identity verification by escorts.

Last of all, only engage escorts from websites which have actually verified their escort looks. This is because many profiles on classified sites like Backpage and Craigslist are full of fake ads put up by pranksters or escorts who look bad, and dare not show their real photos as they know that if they had showed off how they actually look, no clients will ever pick them. Steer clear of Backpage and Craigslist unless you want escorts who are 50 pounds or more overweight. Stick to high quality escort websites so that the model you engage turns up looking fantastic.