5 Common Reasons Women Become Escorts Or Sugar Babies

Being an escort or a sugar baby is an increasingly popular choice among many young women in America these days. This is especially the case in Las Vegas, where so many rich businessmen and tourists visit the area. It is literally the perfect spot to be an escort. Here are 5 common reasons why American women become escorts or sugar babies.

1. College costs are skyrocketing. You will be surprised to know that most escorts are actually college students or graduates. However, with the ever increasing costs of college, it is getting harder and harder to be able to pay off the college debt. America is struggling with student loan debt, and no matter whether it’s the Republicans or Democrats in government, this will be a difficult problem to solve. Thankfully for attractive women, they are able to be an escort to pay off these debts easy.

2. Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton and many other socialites on Instagram has popularized the ‘sugar baby/escort’ lifestyle. It is much easier to simply sit back and make money as an escort than working 40-70 hour work weeks. Besides, which woman doesn’t want to go out with rich guys?

3. There is always demand for escorts in Vegas, thus these women are not worried about going out of a job. This is because Vegas is famous not only for normal tourists, but home to some of the world’s largest business and sports conventions. This means that Vegas attracts a lot of affluent tourists all around America all year round, making it an attractive spot to be one.

4. It’s an instant access path to living the (at least temporary) high life. To live like a typical Vegas escort or sugar baby, you would probably need to work many years before even hopefully living that kind of lifestyle. Most people never do at all in their lives. However, by being an escort, you will be able to experience the high life. Just make sure to not spend all the money away.

5. Most girls like dating older, mature and richer men anyway. So being an escort or a sugar baby is simply being upfront about this. Most of society is so politically correct, but the truth is most girls still like older and richer men than them. Escorts are just honest about this!